Scottish Borders

Coldingham December #3

Eyemouth, November

hume castle eve

hume castle eve 2

Torness, nuclear sunset

Cheviots December

Burnmouth Moon

Burnmouth Harbour

Barn Ness Lighthouse

Barn Ness

Berwick upon Tweed Lighthouse

Berwick upon Tweed lighthouse grass

Mire Loch Boathouse

Mire Loch

Coldingham Sea Dog

Dunlaverock Harr

By Dunlaverock

Coldingham Beach Cafe, summer sleeper

coldingham bay 2014


aug surf eve

coldingham with girl

aug eve

louie coldingham

pease bay to torness


pease bay fiels

red roofs

pease bay steam shadow

between the flags

Behind the wire

Carstairs Prison

harpertoun eve aug


august eve

green, purple, green


Harpertoun, Spring Morning Mist

Harpertoun, Four trees

Harpertoun, Five Trees

Harpertoun, Five Trees and Seventeen Cows